"The reason of the nostalgia for that pulsing life, of marvellous things that were never dead, leaves a space to a new and thin anticipation, to a definitive metamorphosis"

Victor Life



lunedì 20 giugno 2011


Heavyweight double gatefold with individually numbered insert. Limited to 600 individually numbered copies** Germany's amazing Vinyl On Demand label present a massively overdue debut album by the enigmatic and near-mythical Italo group, Fockewulf 190!!! 
It collects the group's two original singles, 'Gitano' and the legendary 'Body Heat', together with new remixes and their other demos made between 1982-86 to make many Italo fans dreams a reality. As one of those fans, we were turned on to the group by the Clone-affiliated CBS radio, and more specifically I-F's legendary top 100 countdown. 'Body Heat', featuring "the voice of Italo" aka Fred Ventura, featured in their end-of-year charts, causing I-F to exclaim " rocks so hard, it's a scandal", and we were in total agreement; I mean, who can knock the intent behind nonsensical lyrics like "Hey You, Take A Look At Me, Look Me Deep Inside, It's The Way I Feel"?!? But, to be fair, we had no idea as to the full extent of their mystic sonic concepts, which dealt with the esoteric integration of Kabbalah into electronic music. 

The group's mastermind, Victor Life perhaps sums it up best: "The Fockewulf 190 project was created as a shape equal to a substance, experimental analogyc electronic music connected to the theatrical and mimic power of rock and the romantic and esthetic force of the electronic dance of the 80s. We translated those expressive channels with the force of a psychedelic mind folded into a magic and evocative world, a profound research into ourselves. 
This personal and futuristic mistycism originated the dark side of italo disco." So, nearly 25 years later, their esoteric electronic capital and evocative vision can be fully appreciated by a freshly synthesized generation, offering something remarkably definitive and quite honestly, ESSENTIAL.

BONUS 7" - FW 190

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