"The reason of the nostalgia for that pulsing life, of marvellous things that were never dead, leaves a space to a new and thin anticipation, to a definitive metamorphosis"

Victor Life



lunedì 20 giugno 2011


Heavyweight double gatefold with individually numbered insert. Limited to 600 individually numbered copies** Germany's amazing Vinyl On Demand label present a massively overdue debut album by the enigmatic and near-mythical Italo group, Fockewulf 190!!! 
It collects the group's two original singles, 'Gitano' and the legendary 'Body Heat', together with new remixes and their other demos made between 1982-86 to make many Italo fans dreams a reality. As one of those fans, we were turned on to the group by the Clone-affiliated CBS radio, and more specifically I-F's legendary top 100 countdown. 'Body Heat', featuring "the voice of Italo" aka Fred Ventura, featured in their end-of-year charts, causing I-F to exclaim " rocks so hard, it's a scandal", and we were in total agreement; I mean, who can knock the intent behind nonsensical lyrics like "Hey You, Take A Look At Me, Look Me Deep Inside, It's The Way I Feel"?!? But, to be fair, we had no idea as to the full extent of their mystic sonic concepts, which dealt with the esoteric integration of Kabbalah into electronic music. 

The group's mastermind, Victor Life perhaps sums it up best: "The Fockewulf 190 project was created as a shape equal to a substance, experimental analogyc electronic music connected to the theatrical and mimic power of rock and the romantic and esthetic force of the electronic dance of the 80s. We translated those expressive channels with the force of a psychedelic mind folded into a magic and evocative world, a profound research into ourselves. 
This personal and futuristic mistycism originated the dark side of italo disco." So, nearly 25 years later, their esoteric electronic capital and evocative vision can be fully appreciated by a freshly synthesized generation, offering something remarkably definitive and quite honestly, ESSENTIAL.

BONUS 7" - FW 190

lunedì 7 marzo 2011

Interview - Victor Life -


Hi Victor and thank you very much again for the new interview !

Victor, three years past since our last chat. Many things happened and it is definitely the time to talk about all nice and, probably ;-) bad things in your music adventure. First of all, are there any changes in the band?

Yes, a lot of things happened in the last few years, everything evolves in the musical universe. We transformed into an electro-band that finally really works. The new singer Arys Noir completed the sound of Fockewulf 190 and Jonny Faith's guitar is fundamental in the live shows.

What happened with annouened Electrum Lux album which have not been released yet?

The publishing of the album Electrum Lux was meant to happen in 2008, but the retirement from the musical scenes of Dario delayed the project. I really wanted to publish the ep single 12'' "oh oh oh" in 2009 and i have to say the response from the audience in England was fantastic. My greatest satisfaction was to transform a negative situation into an amazing and unexpected moment .

You have been announced that album and it should contain Gitano new version (which have been released on Oh Oh Oh vinly in 2009 in the meantime), and cover of Kraftwerk's The Model, which should be released soon. Victor, some fans, I don't know how many, are not satisfied with version of Gitano released on Oh Oh Oh vinly? What do you say about this?

For the audience, the original version of an historical song is always the better, but the artist has the professional duty to offer always something different, or it will be something without any sense. In the beginning the diversity is seen as a lackness, but in the end it will reveal as a positive force, for the ones able to read between the lines and listen to music with enthusiasm. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to record the new Gitano with Dario as i would have wanted. At the time is was working with Dea Lux and i already had announced the record to the press. Everything happened real quick. "oh oh oh" was really appreciated and they invited us to play in London. Dea had an interesting voice, but she wasn't ready for such an important task as being the lead singer. Luck and the sensibility of my wife elektra, producer of the fockewulf project along with me, helped me and i met arys. A stage animal with an extraordinary talent and along with jonny, after a few months of rehearsing, we flew to london for the magic waves festival.

It was a huge success. As you can see not everyone thinks in the same nostalgic way. We got back to italy trusting our chances and we presented live at the black hole and the zoe club, the we started working in studio for the new single ep. The model should be published by the end of december for the delivery records. I let myself being droved by feratho and his friends great enthusiasm, i think it's the best way to preview our fans, before publishing the album electrum lux, the new voice of arys, wich really represents the elegant and powerful stile of the fockewulf 190.

Off course dario is present to in the model, in the cover of the great kraftwerk and in quiet man, the unreleased track of the ep. His voice really fit together with the arys' one, giving the band an androgynous depth that maybe before was missing. In the new record i wanted to work with fred ventura to show our fans our performance in london, with body heat, that will be included in the ep in 3 different version, thanks to the remix of the sound master maurizio piazza; i'm happily workin with him for about 2 years now. But the surprises aren't finished. The 8 tracks of the model will include the cover of the fantastic "cars" by gary numan, with a divine interpretation by arys and a different version of the friend alberto styloo, who i really admire for his stilistic elegance.

There were significant changes in style of original 80's material?

Off course, i think it's really visible the changing. Already in "Oh Oh Oh" with tracks like "Magic World" or "In My Soul" we reached the real sound of the band, that electronic mysticism i was telling you about 3 years ago. I readed very good reviews and i'm happy about how i produced it. Arranging Dario's vocal lines was a pleasure, even if his retirement was very painfull for me. I gathered up many things in the last years with him and this material will be published anyway, he deserves it. And now that i discovered Arys we are ready to surprise our fans once again.

Please, would you explain to us your view and thoughts on FW190 today's music and specifically on new Gitano?

I say that i'm in love with Arys voice. I see in her Dario's talent from the old good days. She will conquer the audience like she did with me. Fockewulf's music didn't change very much in the sintetic spirit of sound. It simply evolved because it's living a new creative phase.
Gitano made history and keeps on doing it. The proof is that everyone is still talking about it. Now is different and it will change again, every time we will play it live. It's an androgynous being, yesterday was male, today is female, maybe one day i will make it an alien, with the vocoder and just 4 arches of arrangement. I don't even exclude taking it back to the origins. The truth is that i would have wanted to take Dario with us in London, to sing Gitano with Arys, like i did with Fred in Body Heat. It would have been great... But in the future, who knows ?...

What would be your answer to fans who are not satisfied with new Gitano?

I think i already answered them. But are you sure they are a lot ? There are people thinking the other way around, that's for sure, probably the ones less linked to italo disco and more to the new wave and new electro. I think that italo disco was borned in 77 and died in 84, with two masterpieces: from Here To Eternity by Moroder and Gitano by Fockewulf 190. Everything in the middle was just commercial dance, made for selling, off course with some great and lovely exceptions. To the ones who criticize the new Gitano, i say that it makes me laugh because also when it was originally published, after Body Heat, wasn't appreciated at the beginning and only time showed that we were right. Gitano is destined to bring many other surprises !

Victor, in my humble opinion I think that FW190 got strong positive wind to push forward on Magic Waves festival in London in 2009, am I right?

I think so, it was a huge comeback for the Fockewulf to present Oh Oh Oh in London. I thank James DJ Casionova, Ali Renault and all the other guys and staff of the festival... Evidently someone really liked the new Gitano, ahahahaha.

Would you tell us more about that festival and your impressions there?

Musically speaking, i adore England for the ability of its people to love music at every level. They were amazing and made me feel great, like ziggy stardust. For them if you go on stage and make the best you can do, you're an hero. While someone remained at home sleeping, i understood in London that the audience is by my side. 2011 will be an important year for the Fockewulf 190. In autumn finally Electrum Lux should be published, an album destined to being talked about for a long time. In March will be published a special collection of material of the most dark and misterious years of the Fockewulf, Microcosmos 82-86, for the prestigious German label Vinyl On Demand, specialized in archive music of cult electronic artists. Finally Fockewulf 190's fans will be able to hear original demos that should have been transformed into the famous and never published album in the 80s.

Victor, how would you describe your music, with your own words?

Very often they ask me to describe Fockewulf 190's music. honestly I find this a little ridiculous , I always thought that it's superficial for an artist to talk about his own music. To spend many words to make the audience understand our sonoric message, for me it's like having an unconscious weakness wich makes the artist a perfect amateur. this aspect only shows the need of giving himself airs, to cover up in fancy way a lackness of creative ideas. I think that the artist should not use an intelectual language, but he has to act as sound preacher, a spritual initiate who transmits what he receives from the various dimension like a cosmic radio antenna, produce emotions, manifest his desire and astral vibration and make them avalaible for the audience. if you are able to make the people dream and engage all the other listening antennas, then you can creat a world destined to plasm materia, make social changes and more deeply produce authentic miracles in the universe. As fans in our adolescence we were deeply attracted by glam rock and post punk movements, our musical imaginary was born thanks to the heroes of that time and when we started playing in 1980 we were in the full synth pop era; our dandysm found its own natural artistic representation. We always used our image as simbolic force, a mirror reflecting our spirituality.

The Fockewulf 190 project was created as a shape equal to a substance, experimental analogyc electronic music connected to the theatrical and mimic power of rock and the romantic and esthetic force of the electronic dance of thr 80s. We translated those expressive channels with the force of a psychedelic mind folded into a magic and evocative world, an profound research into ourselves. This personal and futuristic mistycism originated the dark side of italo disco with the success of Body Heat and Gitano in 1984, something that was never seen and heard before in Italy, and not only there. I always considered Dario Dell'Aere the biggest italian talent of a certain type of pop music, a genious in his instintive form wich went forward the technical matters, an innovator in his way to play the role of singer. When we were ready for the next step, we were stopped by the italian producers; they were unable to understand the innovative essence of the band. The publishing , 25 years later and thanks to Frank Maier of the Vinyl On Demand, of what should have been our first album in 1986, "Microsmos", shines a light on the sonic creativity of the Fw 190, also because it's a record composed only by simple original demos; something pure and synthetic, uncontamined by commercial compromises.

Thank you, Victor!

© Zeljko Vujkovic - February 2011

martedì 7 dicembre 2010

The Story of the FOCKEWULF 190

The story of the FOCKEWULF 190 begin in 1980, when singer DARIO DELL'AERE, and keyboards player VICTOR LIFE formed the Diamond Dogs. At the end of the 70's Dario used to perform in a mime show, influenced by the glam cliches of David Bowie, while Victor Life was experimenting electronic sound, inspired by Kraftwerk's music. The first influences of the new band, which started recording in October 1980, were album like "Reproduction" by the Human League and John Foxx's "Metamatic". The first concerts took place in 1981, at the "Taxi Club", a cult- club of Milan that followed the tendences of London's "Blitz" and the New Romantic trend, with Visage and Ultravox as godfathers.

With the help of other musicians, the duo created a show characterized by a strong futurist fingerprint and mystic theatrality, with surprising success. In 1982 guitarist Stan After joined the band and the first, self- produced single is published, "No Sex": for the occasion the band change its name into "Ice Eyes". Thanks to this song, wich had a good success in the underground scene, they managed to sign a label contract and publish two electrodance singles with the new and definitive name Fockewulf 190.
 BODY HEAT and GITANO sold very well (150000 copies) overall Europe, Germany in particular.

In time, they became cult songs and consecrated the band as the dark side of the italo-disco, exquisite New Wave. The following tour, in summer 1984, brought on stage the first and unpublished Fockewulf 190 album. The album never came out because of personal problems that obliged Victor Life to leave the band.

Dario dell'Aere published a solo single, "Eagles in the night", which was appreciated especially in France. The italian market was not ready for their musical message, so the project stopped, only to start again in 1988. After the reunion the band published a cover of Heaven 17. "The eight of the fighting", that unfortunately wasn't a great success. In 1990, their interests moved towards the esotheric culture and the studying of mistical classic. The decade is almost entirely to the studying of cabalistic techniques, innates into the Sepher Yetzirah, and contacting various personalities of the occult world. This experiences provided the sparks for different projects, like the website "Castel Del Monte il Tempio dell'Apocalisse", by Dario Dell'Aere, or sonoric experiments in various cult temples. Victor Life on the other hand, dedicated himself to electronic experimentation of the sonoric frequencies, linked and connected to the numeric science of the sacred kabbalah. In the 00s, Life begins a musical collaboration with the Aryx studio in Milano, owned by sound engineer Arrigo Dubaz.
A renewed inspiration and the coming back of the Synth pop sound, convinced him to produce a new musical project for the Fockewulf 190, again with Dario Dell'Aere on vocals and Markus Moonlite, who already worked with him in some previous project, as Lyricist.

In 2009 finally the Fockewulf 190 came back on the scene with the news single EP "Oh Oh Oh", presented live at the Corsica Studios in London at the Magic Waves Summer Festival,crowded of enthusiastic old fans of the band. The show also signs the debut of the new lead singer Arys Noir and the guitarist Jonny Faith.
Along with them Victor Life produce the new Ep 12'' "The Model, including 8 tracks dedicated to the romantic and futuristic vision of the musical estetic of Synth Pop. In the record shine the collaborations with the minimal electronic artist Maurizio Piazza, ex collaborator of Franco Battiato in the 70s, and other artits like Alberto Styloo and Fred Ventura.

In may 2011 should be also published the album "Microcosmos", including archive music such as original demos of the most misterious period of the band, 82-86, for the famous cult german label Vynil on Demand.

martedì 23 novembre 2010


From Fockewulf 190's new single ep 12'' "The Model", the new Body Heat of the keyboardist Victor Life, remixed by the sound master Maurizio Piazza, contains images of the live show that the band made at the Magic Waves Summer Festival in July 2009 and other live shows in Milan in 2010, where the voice of Arys Noir, the new female singer of the band, fit perfectly with Fred Ventura's one.


Il passato che ritorna, vampiresco, assassino. Come un Jack the Ripper che si palesa fuori dalla nebbia, lento, inesorabile, determinato. Con sembianze non classificabili ma sempre fascinose. A passo cadenzato ma senza mai smarrire un quarto. Un eloquio forbito ma mai complesso. Un modo elegante e vagamente distaccato per coglierti impreparato e azzannarti. La foschia di cui sopra è quella salubre di una Milano che non c'è più, dalle strade solcate da Alfa 33 e Fiat Ritmo, una metropoli d'acciaio, già incarognita eppure vogliosa di superarsi, di andare oltre le solite coordinate provinciali, a rischio di cadere nella fatua imitazione di maschere prestigiose, quelle dell'art-rock britannico che si sposa con le marce geometriche fuoriuscite dalle macerie germaniche e si rifà il trucco definitivamente con il post-punk, che si inebria alle ritmiche melodiche della discoteca. Il ritorno dei Fockewulf 190, per due soffi mancata materia di studio dell'era pop più imitata dell'ultimo decennio, quella che si posiziona tra il 1976 e il 1984, riparte da quella Milano che stava per bersi tutto a discapito di molti.

Poco prima ambiva a divenire la Londra del Mediterraneo, con le sue nottate chic, i suoi studi di registrazione "al passo", le serate non dettate dall'access prime time ma dagli aperitivi, Armani, Versace, Ferré e gli spartiti a contorno che espandevano un'idea di invasione, di Italo Disco. Di quei giorni, gloriosi e travagliati, è rimasto solo il deus ex machina, Victor Life, maschera complessa e mai doma. Dietro di lui fa ancora capolino l'antica ugola di Dario Dell'Aere, parente di Vincent Price, gelido e morbido allo stesso tempo. Un Ep, un 12", dai contorni vinilitici come le cose buone che si facevano una volta.

Quattro brani per lato, utili a rinverdire una materia grigia, inossidabile, neanche tanto clamorosamente non invecchiata. Era il momento giusto, Victor Life deve averlo capito dall'ultima mano di carte: forse Milano, crollata sotto il peso del nulla, fatto da persone che nulla valgono, sta per ricongiungersi con un'idea, un progetto. Dopo centinaia di promesse, mille progetti che provano a non mirare alla pura omologazione, imitazione. Fockewulf sorgeva dalle devastazioni metropolitane anni 70 e si inabissava tradita da nuove-vecchie bugie.

Ma ora non c'è tempo da perdere. La nuova estetica, all'epoca troppo frettolosamente rigettata, deve rinsavire e deve farlo anche grazie alle fattezze post-isteriche di Arys Noir, ugola femminile dai connotati androgini. Un cantato, il suo, più urgente, quasi strillato anche quando compare sottovoce. Il suo recitare in metrica pare un'implorazione. È lei allora la modella dai folti capelli biondi: "The Model", i fantasmi che ritornano dalla Germania ancora murata, severa eppure danzabile. Un ballo matematico, rigido eppure sempre inquieto. E poi "Body Heat", ovvero l'eyeliner su pettorali glabri, antiche misure rinvigorite dai nuovi muscoli di Victor Life, che si riappropria della sua classica nenia invernale, dotandola di un battito senza sosta, per poi concederne lo scheletro a Maurizio Piazza, altro ibernato dei tempi d'oro. "Quiet Man" parrebbe quasi una battuta di questi tempi, ma è un'invocazione quasi religiosa, dalla musica sacra alla dance sacra. Ancora una doppietta siglata Life, stavolta con Alberto Styloo, per "Cars" del complessato Numan che tutto aveva capito, la speranza di un robot che abbia dentro ancora un po' di gusto per la vita, che sappia si muoversi metronomicamente ma non sempre dalla stessa parte. Fockewulf è tornato. State attenti.