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martedì 7 dicembre 2010

The Story of the FOCKEWULF 190

The story of the FOCKEWULF 190 begin in 1980, when singer DARIO DELL'AERE, and keyboards player VICTOR LIFE formed the Diamond Dogs. At the end of the 70's Dario used to perform in a mime show, influenced by the glam cliches of David Bowie, while Victor Life was experimenting electronic sound, inspired by Kraftwerk's music. The first influences of the new band, which started recording in October 1980, were album like "Reproduction" by the Human League and John Foxx's "Metamatic". The first concerts took place in 1981, at the "Taxi Club", a cult- club of Milan that followed the tendences of London's "Blitz" and the New Romantic trend, with Visage and Ultravox as godfathers.

With the help of other musicians, the duo created a show characterized by a strong futurist fingerprint and mystic theatrality, with surprising success. In 1982 guitarist Stan After joined the band and the first, self- produced single is published, "No Sex": for the occasion the band change its name into "Ice Eyes". Thanks to this song, wich had a good success in the underground scene, they managed to sign a label contract and publish two electrodance singles with the new and definitive name Fockewulf 190.
 BODY HEAT and GITANO sold very well (150000 copies) overall Europe, Germany in particular.

In time, they became cult songs and consecrated the band as the dark side of the italo-disco, exquisite New Wave. The following tour, in summer 1984, brought on stage the first and unpublished Fockewulf 190 album. The album never came out because of personal problems that obliged Victor Life to leave the band.

Dario dell'Aere published a solo single, "Eagles in the night", which was appreciated especially in France. The italian market was not ready for their musical message, so the project stopped, only to start again in 1988. After the reunion the band published a cover of Heaven 17. "The eight of the fighting", that unfortunately wasn't a great success. In 1990, their interests moved towards the esotheric culture and the studying of mistical classic. The decade is almost entirely to the studying of cabalistic techniques, innates into the Sepher Yetzirah, and contacting various personalities of the occult world. This experiences provided the sparks for different projects, like the website "Castel Del Monte il Tempio dell'Apocalisse", by Dario Dell'Aere, or sonoric experiments in various cult temples. Victor Life on the other hand, dedicated himself to electronic experimentation of the sonoric frequencies, linked and connected to the numeric science of the sacred kabbalah. In the 00s, Life begins a musical collaboration with the Aryx studio in Milano, owned by sound engineer Arrigo Dubaz.
A renewed inspiration and the coming back of the Synth pop sound, convinced him to produce a new musical project for the Fockewulf 190, again with Dario Dell'Aere on vocals and Markus Moonlite, who already worked with him in some previous project, as Lyricist.

In 2009 finally the Fockewulf 190 came back on the scene with the news single EP "Oh Oh Oh", presented live at the Corsica Studios in London at the Magic Waves Summer Festival,crowded of enthusiastic old fans of the band. The show also signs the debut of the new lead singer Arys Noir and the guitarist Jonny Faith.
Along with them Victor Life produce the new Ep 12'' "The Model, including 8 tracks dedicated to the romantic and futuristic vision of the musical estetic of Synth Pop. In the record shine the collaborations with the minimal electronic artist Maurizio Piazza, ex collaborator of Franco Battiato in the 70s, and other artits like Alberto Styloo and Fred Ventura.

In may 2011 should be also published the album "Microcosmos", including archive music such as original demos of the most misterious period of the band, 82-86, for the famous cult german label Vynil on Demand.

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