"The reason of the nostalgia for that pulsing life, of marvellous things that were never dead, leaves a space to a new and thin anticipation, to a definitive metamorphosis"

Victor Life



martedì 23 novembre 2010

The Model - FW 190 - NEW SINGLE EP 12"- Delivery Records ID Limited

We know Fockewulf 190 from the hits Gitano and Body Heat. The leader and producer of the band is Victor Life. This EP brings you many different voices; Dario Dell'Aere, Fred Ventura, Alberto Styloo and the female singer of Fockewulf 190; Arys Noir. Check out this 8-tracker.

From Fockewulf 190's new single ep 12'' "The Model", published by the Delivery record id Limited, a romantic synth pop with the historical voice of the band, Dario Dell'Aere, and the sensual interpretation of Arys Noir, new female singer of the band, produceed by keyboardist Victor Life and Elektra Light.

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